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Development Solutions

Finding the Perfect Location

Selecting the best site for a new facility involves knowledge of a host of specialities, including labor market dynamics, transportation services, electric power service, taxes, investment incentives and much more. Agracel can help you evaluate your current space and future needs, perform a labor market analysis, conduct a site and community evaluation, assess incentives and analyze job training opportunities.

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A Smart Business Decision

To lease a building is to gain the productive use of the property without incurring the costs and
obligations of ownership.

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When You Want to Own

Successful property development requires adequate capital, financial expertise, knowledge of government programs and general management skills. Agracel will partner with you to purchase and develop the site, negotiate an incentive package, facilitate the building design and provide complete project supervision.

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Ready-to-Go Property

Companies can free up capital through a sale/leaseback for operation/production purposes. Selling your facility and leasing it back will create a positive impact on your financial reporting, increase profitability and free-up additional capital for new opportunities.

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Taking the Old to a New Standard

Agracel purchases older facilities and upgrades them into viable properites, sparking a community's marketability along with offering area businesses immediate additional space.

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