Brad Koenig

As Chief Financial Officer Brad oversees all accounting functions for Agracel and its over 50 LLCs.  Brad is responsible for the oversight of the Agracel accounting department. He maintains the Agracel Employee Stock Option plan and is an administrator of our Real Estate … Read more

Dean Bingham

As Chief Executive Officer of Agracel, Inc., Dean is responsible for oversight and growth of the business. His business IQ, real estate knowledge, engineering experience, and effective leadership style, have long been the foundation for Agracel’s success. Mr. Bingham is a graduate of … Read more

John M. “Jack” Schultz

 Jack is the founder and Chairman of the Board of Agracel, Inc.  He humbly began Agracel in 1986 as a farmland investment company.  In 1993, Jack took a gigantic leap of faith with his first industrial development project and has never looked back.   … Read more

Mark Keller, P.E.

As Chief Operating Officer, Mark oversees all development operations for Agracel including the company’s satellite offices in South Carolina, Alabama, Ohio, and Tennessee.  In addition to his role as COO, Mark serves as Agracel’s Director of Construction, a position he has held since … Read more

Ryan Witges

Ryan serves as Agracel’s President.  After joining Agracel in 2006 as a member of the Business Development Team, he soon assumed the roles of Director of Acquisitions and then Executive Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer, before his appointment as President. From day … Read more

Sarah Horner

As Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Sarah works closely with senior management to develop the company’s growth strategy and enhance Agracel’s competitiveness.  In her role as CSO, Sarah works in tandem with the Agracel Business Development Team to monitor industry shifts, develop processes, and … Read more