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2022 Manufacturing Perception Study

The recently released 2022 Manufacturing Perception Study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute produced some very positive news for manufacturers. The Study finds that “manufacturers continue to bridge the perception gap and enhance the workforce experience. Following are excerpts from the report.

Competing for talent: Recasting perceptions of manufacturing
Paul Wellener  |  Deloitte.com  | March 30, 2022

Compared with our 2017 study, significantly more respondents believe that manufacturing jobs are innovative and more respondents are likely to encourage their child to pursue a career in the industry.

Manufacturers are at a crossroads and have an opportunity in the wake of the pandemic to educate people unfamiliar with the benefits of a manufacturing career, while continuing to retain their post-pandemic workforce.

Key takeaways for manufacturers should include:

  • Addressing the perception problem:Manufacturers are at an inflection point and can use the increased public awareness of the industry to emphasize manufacturing’s career opportunities and benefits, particularly to the public unfamiliar with the industry.
  • Promoting awareness:The industry can amplify the increasingly high-tech nature of manufacturing as well as transferable skills and training.
  • Leveraging local presence:Perception change starts at home, and local outreach continues to be effective in educating and attracting community members to manufacturing companies.
  • Attracting and retaining employees: Companies can step up their initiatives to engage new employees, involve existing employees to retain them, and evolve the work and workplace in response to customer needs.


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