#759 – CEO Program Continues to Grow

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CEO Program Continues to Grow

We want to provide an update on the CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) program. As our long-time loyal readers know, Agracel has been an investor in various local programs since their beginning. We are proud to be involved with such a valuable program and look forward to its continued growth and success.

The first CEO program began in Effingham, IL in 2008. Two years later the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship was formed to support the expansion and growth of the CEO program. The local business community partners with area schools to create project-based experiences for students by providing funding, expertise, meeting space, business tours, and one-on-one mentoring. Students visit area businesses, learn from guest speakers, participate in a class business, write business plans, and start and operate their own businesses. Business concepts learned through the experiential CEO class are critical; the 21st century skills of problem-solving, teamwork, self-motivation, responsibility, higher-order thinking, communication, and inquiry are at the heart of a student’s development throughout the course.

Today, a total of 50 programs involving 202 schools are held in 6 states across the country. More than 1,900 investors support the programs by providing financial support. To date, 2,251 students have been involved in a CEO class.

To learn more about CEO, visit www.midlandinstitute.com.