#724 – 4 Reasons Gen Z Will Be the Most Entrepreneurial Generation

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The next generation is entering the workforce. Generation Z, those born from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, makes up 25% of the U.S. population, making them a larger cohort than the Baby Boomers or Millennials. We will be hearing a lot more about Gen Z going forward.

4 Reasons Gen Z Will Be the Most Entrepreneurial Generation
Entrepreneur Pathway, Inc. April Stearns, January 21, 2018

It’s safe to say Gen Z has officially joined the workforce, and there is plenty of discussion predicting what kind of mark this young generation will make on society. Although there’s much up for debate, one thing many are agreeing on is that Gen Z may be the most entrepreneurial generation yet.

Here are four reasons this prediction will most likely come true.

They Have Easy Access to Technology

Unlike Millennials, who started accessing the beginning stages of the internet and social media at an older age, Gen Z has had easier access to various social platforms and information on the internet since the beginning of their lives. This means Gen Z has had more of a connection to the world outside and all it contains at a younger age than any generation before them.

Other than learning more about the world outside and the needs of others through social media, this has given Gen Z a unique platform to monetize their skills. YouTube celebrities, bloggers, and Instagram models have all found success through social media and online platforms. On the other hand, apps like TaskRabbit help users find jobs within their skill sets, helping them gain the traction needed to start their own business.

They Expect More From Work

Long gone are the days when employees showed up to the same job for twenty years, spending their days sitting at their desk and eating their sack lunch from home. Millennials proved they would not just show up to work to help further the company’s value. They also asked the question, “What can you do for me?”

This will be even more true for Gen Z. Younger employees expect to learn, gain skills, and find advantages in the workplace while also doing excellent work for the company. This is why Learn at Lunch programs have become so popular, along with other offered workshops and conferences meant for employee growth.

If they’re at a job that doesn’t offer these benefits? It’s easier than ever to look for other opportunities that meet their needs, thanks to (once again) the internet.

They Pursue Side Gigs

With the rising costs of college and continuous struggle of finding a long-term opportunity in many job markets, Gen Z will look for freelancing work and side gigs more than any generation before. And today, opportunities for contract work are endless. From delivery services and small construction projects to technical writing and website building, consumers and business owners alike are looking to hire quick, easy help to get the job done. With so many options, it’s no wonder that many in the younger generation will take advantage of this to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

There’s Accessible Education

Although college is more expensive than ever before, education and learning opportunities are more accessible to more of the population. This is because education isn’t limited to paying a hefty tuition to a four-year university. Opportunities to learn are everywhere.

Learning can mean signing up for an online degree at a reasonable cost with flexible hours. It can also mean going online to watch YouTube tutorials or signing up for websites like Lynda. It can mean finding a weekly night course at your local community college. Or, it can simply mean gaining knowledge through reading!

Gen Z will take advantage of these opportunities because we now live in a world where pursuing career goals and interests means taking action and thinking outside of the box. And this is what entrepreneurs are known to do.