#697 – Global Manufacturing Scorecard: How the U.S. compares to 18 other nations – Part 1

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A recent report from the Brookings Institution looked at how American manufacturing compares to that of other nations. This week we are sharing the list of leading countries on manufacturing output for 2015, the most recent year of data available, and the proportion of each country’s workforce employed in manufacturing.

Global manufacturing scorecard: How the US compares to 18 other nations – Part 1
Darrell M. West and Christian Lansang, July 10, 2018

Manufacturing is enjoying a resurgence in the United States. After years of falling output and a diminishing percentage of the labor force, the last few years have seen renewed growth. According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the catalysts for this revival include factors such as the strengthening economy, workforce quality, tax policies, the regulatory environment, and transportation and energy costs.



Next week, we will look at the country rankings based on manufacturing environment and the recommendations for those struggling countries.