#696 – Top States for Manufacturing – 2017

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Top States for Manufacturing – 2017

A few weeks back (Agurban #692), we shared some highlights from the latest NAM (National Association of Manufacturers) 2018 Second Quarter Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey. This week, we are looking at NAM’s state data report from 2017 that looks at which states are employing the most manufacturing workers. Below are the top 10.

10. New York – The state employs 451,200. The state is focusing on advanced materials, with this sector bringing in $5 billion. It’s home to companies including Nucor Steel, Corning Inc. and E.I. DuPont Inc.
9. South Carolina – The state employs 460,200 and is the country’s top car exporter. Plants include BMW, which employs 8000 alone, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz.
8. Wisconsin – The state employs 472,400. Its manufacturing industry accounted for more than 18% of its gross domestic product and contributed over $56 billion to the state’s economic growth.
7. Indiana – The state employs 516,900 and is ranked third nationally in vehicle manufacturing with 20% of those in manufacturing working in this sector.
6. Pennsylvania – The state employs 566,000, across 14,000 companies. The industry ranks 8th nationally for its manufacturing output with a GDP of $84 billion. Fabricated metals and foods are the top employers.
5. Illinois – The state employs 571,800 and the second largest food processing cluster in the country. The state is also home to the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute, a public-private partnership with partners including Lockheed Martin, Rolls-Royce and Tesla.
4. Michigan – The state employs 598,800. The state is home to 81 global auto suppliers’ N.A. headquarters or tech centers.
3. Ohio – Ohio employs 687,400 and is a leader in the production of composites, plastics and rubber. The state also ranks first in plastics and paper producing $106 billion in output in those areas.
2. Texas – The state employs 848,100 in manufacturing. Dell, is one of the largest employers with 22,000 employees at its Round Rock location.
1. California – The state employs 1,284,100. This figure represents 8% of the workforce. Manufacturing accounts for 11% of the total output in the state. One of the larger employers is Nestle with 13,000 in Glendale.