#630 – More on Manufacturing Jobs

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More on Manufacturing Jobs

Over the past several years, we have posted anumber of Agurbans that have looked at the plight of manufacturing jobs in the United States. As you know, manufacturing employment peaked in 1979 at 19.4 million jobs. Today, some 12.4 million workers remain in the industry, about the same number as in the 1940’s. Productivity by those workers is higher that it’s ever been, even though there are 7 million less workers.

We were recently contacted by Diana Lopez, website manager for www.ctemag.com, who wanted to share with us some information that her organization recently published on the reshoring movement and automation’s impact on manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Below are three graphics from CTE’s post that we want to share with our readers. You can find the entire article here.


As you know, this is a topic near and dear to us at Agracel. We will keep an eye on new developments regarding manufacturing jobs.