#617 – 2016 in the Books

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2016 in the Books

Last week, we shared a little about what made 2016 so special for Agracel. We had some inquiries about what some of our new projects were, so we thought we would share our list with you. You can find more information about any of our projects on our web site, agracel.com.

Booz Allen Hamilton, Charlestion, SC:  Build-to-Suit/Leaseback, 77,000 sf
Grupo Antolin, Nashville, IL:  Acquisition/Leaseback, 213,125 sf
Comprehensive Logistics Co., Inc., Columbus, MS:  100,000 sf
J.R. Automation, Pickens, SC:  50,000 sf
Grenada Spec Building, Grenade, MS:  Spec, 84,000 sf
Olive Branch Industrial, Olive Branch, MS:  Acquisition/Redevelopment, 262,400 sf
Dynamic Air Engineering, Claremont, NC:  Acquisition/Leaseback, 50,000 sf
Kongsberg Automotive, Milan, TN:  Acquisition/Leaseback, 214,023 sf
Morton Industries, Morton, IL:  Acquisition/Leaseback, 154,000 sf
Baxter Enterprises, Westminster, SC:  Build-to-Suit, 79,202 sf
Brookhaven Spec Building, Brookhaven, MS:  Spec, 50,000 sf
Morton Industries, Morton, IL:  Acquisition/Leaseback, 225,000 sf
VisTech, Jasper, AL:  Acquisition/Leaseback, 67,000 sf
VisTech, Lebanon, OH:  Acquisition/Leaseback, 140,960 sf
Midwest Acoust-A-Fiber, Delaware, OH:  Acquisition/Expansion/Leaseback, 127,529 sf
Gestamp, Union, SC: Build-to-Suit/Leaseback, 181,710 sf

Most of these projects are new customers to our client list but a couple are new projects from existing clients. We are excited to add these projects to our portfolio!