#609 – The Sun Still Came Up

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The Sun Still Came Up

On November 1, 2016, Agracel, Inc. celebrated our 30th Anniversary! It was a very special day for our employees and partners, celebrated with a wonderful luncheon and reminiscing.

In those 30 years, we have been through five presidential tenures, 16 of those years led by a Democrat president, 14 of those led by a Republican president.  Our business has endured. We have employees who depend on our company’s success for their livelihood. We pushed forward and completed projects and deals regardless of what political party was in the White House, or the State house. Sure, sometimes it was easier than others.  There were some years that we would just as soon forget. But, those were the years we learned the most; we overcame the obstacles; we grew as a team.

We do not know what the next four years hold, but you can be sure we will keep on keeping on. We will work as hard as we ever have. Our family depends on it!