#586 – Startup Wisdom

Posted on | The Agurban

Startup Wisdom

As entrepreneurs, we are pleased to support other entrepreneurs. Our long-time friend and supporter Maury Forman has just released a new book he co-authored with Jordan Tampian, entitled Startup Wisdom – 27 Strategies for Raising Business Capital. As any entrepreneur knows, startup capital can be the key to getting an idea from concept to action.

As Maury explains, “Part of the problem is that banking as a whole has changed. Banks are rarely headquartered in the communities they serve these days.”  Banks are not as eager to lend money to entrepreneurs that may have an “out-of-the-box” idea. Startup Wisdom covers 27 strategies for funding a business.

And the best part…it’s FREE! You can view or download Startup Wisdom here!

Thank you, Maury, for sharing with entrepreneurs everywhere!