#549 – Onward Yankton!

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Onward Yankton!

The city of Yankton, South Dakota (population 14,552) was used to being a leader – beginning in 1861 when Yankton became the first capitol of Dakota Territory. Then in the 1920s, community members decided to build their own bridge across the Missouri River without state funds.

But, as with many communities, Yankton seemed stuck, struggling to grow and retain or attract young families. So about a year ago, a small group of community leaders met and decided that their community needed something to push it forward. The group believed that Yankton was ready for the next Big Idea!

The residents of Yankton were encouraged to submit their big idea and were further enticed with a $10,000 prize to be awarded to the winning idea. The program was launched at the local schools to ensure that youth were included in the process. When the submission period ended, individuals, groups and organizations had submitted more than 500 ideas!

The selection committee then had the difficult task of paring down the list based on their pre-established criteria. The Top 6 Big Ideas were selected and final presentations were made at a community meeting. The winning Big Idea will be announced Monday, Sept. 21. We will share with you next week the winning idea.

“This has been such a fun project!” says Heidi Marsh, South Dakota Magazine co-publisher and Onward Yankton committee member. “Everyone is excited, and no matter which idea wins, our community is on board to implement the idea.”

What a great idea! To learn more about Onward Yankton, visit www.onwardyankton.com.

What is your community doing to move forward?