#48 – Inside Our Industry – Holiday World Begins 75th Season!

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Holiday World Begins 75th Season!

We aim to keep our e-zine on the industry on which we are focused:  manufacturing. But we just couldn’t resist sharing some exciting news about one of our favorite places from our Boomtown USA days – Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana.

This past Saturday, May 15th, marked the opening of Holiday World’s 75th season!

“For 75 years, four generations of my family have grown this park with slightly differing visions, but always with the same goal: to give families a break from reality. We are eager to open our gates and welcome back our Kids World and Happy Halloween Weekends events in 2021,” said Leah Koch, Director of Communications and Fourth Generation Owner.

Holiday World expects to hire 2,200 team members to meet the rising pent-up demand for summer entertainment.

Santa Claus, Indiana, was a top Agurb in Jack Schultz’ Boomtown USA – The 7 ½ Keys to Big Success in Small Towns back in 2004. We are very excited to see the success of Holiday World continue!