#477. MBAs Across America: A Call for Visionary American Entrepreneurs

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I met two engaging, passionate Harvard MBA students at Forbes Reinventing America Summit last month in Chicago.  Casey Gerald and Michael Baker are co-founders of MBAs Across America, a non-profit that wants to assist the growing of more businesses across the USA.  Do you have an entrepreneur in your town who would like to tackle a challenge or opportunity facing their business with four thoughtful, committed MBAs from the nation’s top business schools?  If so, check out the story below.  Let us know, or contact Casey Gerald.

MBAs Across America: A Call for Visionary American Entrepreneurs

MBAs Across America is a national movement to revitalize America by mobilizing the nation’s best resources to support the visionary entrepreneurs that are creating jobs & changing lives in American communities every day.

MBAs Across America has enlisted multiple teams of MBAs from the nation’s top business schools who will dedicate the summer of 2014 to providing catalytic support for over 50 of America’s most promising entrepreneurs. We will dispatch MBA teams to spend an intensive week with each entrepreneur we select for this year’s class — where they will tackle a pressing challenge facing the business, tell the entrepreneur’s story through local & national media, and connect the entrepreneur to a life-long national network of support.

We have launched a national search to find entrepreneurs with three key traits:

  • A place with a story to tell: we work with entrepreneurs in cities that are surviving & thriving against the odds and without the hype — whether in a hard-hit city, a Heartland hub, or a tiny rural town.
  • A business poised for growth: we work with manufacturers, tech startups, creative agencies, and even barbershops, but our entrepreneurs all have one thing in common: they want to grow.
  • A positive social impact: our entrepreneurs solve real problems and change lives in their communities every day, expanding what it means to be a “social enterprise”.

If you know a visionary entrepreneur that might be interested in tackling their biggest challenges with a team of committed MBAs for a week and a national community of supporters long after the summer is over, please let us know! You can reach Casey at casey@mbaxamerica.com. Entrepreneur applications are also live here and will be accepted on a rolling basis.