#455. Global Entrepreneurship Week in the State of Washington

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Global Entrepreneurship Week in the State of Washington

We at Agracel have long admired Maury Forman for his work in Economic Development in the State of Washington. As a senior manager at the State Department of Commerce and the state’s leading advocate of rural economic development, Forman explains, “Economic development has changed. It used to be that people went where the jobs are. Now the jobs are going where people are and that will allow many rural communities to become more competitive. Economic growth in rural areas is going to come from communities growing their own businesses through programs supporting entrepreneurs rather than coveting someone else’s business.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is sponsored by the entrepreneurism-focused Kauffman Foundation and is being held the week of Nov. 18-24. Thirty six of the 39 counties in Washington are participating in activities to bring attention to the role of entrepreneurism in the future of all communities, but especially rural communities.

A key part of GEW events in Washington is a day-long Rural Pathways to Prosperity conference, which is being put on in 13 mostly rural communities across the state. Becky McCray, a national expert on changing the entrepreneurial climate, will provide the keynote broadcast on a live webinar, with a focus on guiding participants to understand how to create small business ecosystems.

We congratulate Maury on his work to promote entrepreneurism in the State of Washington, especially to rural communities!

To learn more, visit startup.choosewashingtonstate.com. Click on a picture on the website to link to some innovative entrepreneurship ideas from all over the State of Washington.