#450. World Class Workforce Work Ethic Training Program

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World Class Workforce Work Ethic Training Program

Jefferson County, Illinois is no different than most rural counties in the country. Their employers face the same challenges in hiring people that employers all over the country face:  How do you educate and train your current and future workforce about desirable characteristics that are critical to the employer’s success as a business and the employees’ success as a valued worker?

After repeatedly hearing this sentiment from their employers, the Jefferson County Development Corporation Workforce Development Committee  decided to do something to help.  After several years and many versions of a work ethic program, the Committee, with input from human resource professionals, educators, and workforce experts, released their World Class Workforce Web Based Work Ethic Training Program.

This program is designed to teach the user the twelve characteristics of a Work Class Workforce to help them learn how to determine the best action or reaction to common workplace challenges and situations. The 12 characteristics include: Attendance, Appearance, Attitude, Dependability, Integrity, Initiative, Communication, Commitment, Teamwork, Safety, Productivity, and Life Long Learning.

Here are some testimonials from users of the program:

The content is top notch.  The practical knowledge tests at the end of each section would prove very useful in helping the job seeker apply the knowledge learned to everyday real work settings.”  Chris – ManTraCon

 “……this is a wonderful tool!  It should be used in every high school in the county, actually, the   state!  ALL students should be required to complete the training!  It offers such good information that many of us take for granted but many kids (and adults) do not know.”  Cheryl, HR City of Mt. Vernon, IL

We applaud the Jefferson County Development Corporation for taking the lead in putting this program together! To learn more, visit www.worldclassworkforcesi.com.