#449. Kennametal Young Engineers Present Products

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We are very proud to count Kennametal as one of our valued customers. Not only have they leased space from us in our Bedford, Pennsylvania Industrial Center for four years, they run programs such as the one outlined below. We believe programs such as this are critical for the future of manufacturing.

Kennametal Young Engineers Present Products for the Future – Experience highlights manufacturing, engineering and marketing skills learned in Kennametal Young Engineers Program

LATROBE, Pa., May 9, 2013 – Eighteen students from Kennametal’s Young Engineers Program in Latrobe, Pa., showed-off their engineering, manufacturing and marketing talents, presenting innovative products they invented as part of a class project for the program. Across four project teams, the students took an idea to market using Kennametal’s product development process, taught as part of the class curriculum. The projects ranged from a solar-charging carry-on bag and spray-away snow removal to an all-terrain wheelchair and magnetic binding system for snowboards.

The 18 students from Greater Latrobe School District will graduate from the Young Engineers Program on Tuesday, May 14, joining 18 others who finished their semester in Solon, Ohio earlier this month. The program, backed by funding from the Kennametal Foundation, seeks to engage the interest of high school juniors and seniors in engineering and manufacturing careers, turning around outdated perceptions of industry to build a new generation of technical talent. The program has logged four semesters since its inception in 2011, in all graduating 103 participants in partnership with area high schools.

“We are continually amazed by the creativity, talent and promise these students demonstrate, all vital to the future of manufacturing,” said Kennametal Chairman, President and CEO Carlos Cardoso. “We are encouraged by the increasing participation we are getting in this program, and its continued expansion. This hands-on curriculum provides an unforgettable experience educating young people about the exciting career opportunities our industry offers.”

Throughout the experience, students engage in a combination of classroom discussions and hands-on projects at the company’s high-tech facilities in Latrobe and Solon, while being mentored by Kennametal engineers and scientists, many of whom are renowned in industry.

Does your company have a program to introduce these critical skills to your area’s young people? If so, we would love to learn about it.