#439. 30 Mile Meal

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30 Mile Meal

I saw my first food incubator in Athens, Ohio, during a talk/tour there a couple of years ago. No they have started another great program, the 30 Mile Meal. The 30 Mile Meal™ celebrates and promotes those producing, selling and serving local foods in Southeast Ohio.

Here is what their web page had to say about the program:

Welcome to the epicenter of a vibrant and thriving local foods economy and the most local of locavore initiatives in the country. Discover the diversity of our local foods economy – all within a 30 mile radius of Athens, Ohio. 

Wondering where to find local peaches or lamb? Or a restaurant that serves great food and supports local farmers? Check out our 30 Mile Meal Map to locate farmers, food markets, local food producers, eateries and local food events. 

Are you a regional farmer, CSA, Farmers Market, a retail outlet that carries local foods, or an eatery that incorporates local ingredients into your menu? Do you host farm tours or local foods events? Call us for info on being included in our 30 Mile Meal Map.

About the 30 Mile Meal:

The 30 Mile Meal provides a shared identity for our many farmers, specialty food producers, farmers and retail markets, food events, and independently-owned eateries and bars featuring locally sourced menus. All create and nurture our ‘Garden of Eatin.’

What a great way to capitalize on the resources you have to create a win-win for your community, your local producers and businesses, and your guests! Eating local is a growing national trend that more communities should be embracing, developing, and promoting!

Learn more about the 30 Mile Meal here.