#419. Well Said…Immigration-the Forbidden Topic

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Well Said…Immigration-the Forbidden Topic

There are some topics that we try to steer clear of. While we may feel strongly one way or the other, we try not to push our opinion onto others. One of those “forbidden” topics is immigration. It is a hot-button topic and invokes very strong feelings. Just see what is going on in Washington, D.C. now. With that being said, we couldn’t help but shake our head in agreement with the following that was recently penned by an acquaintance of an Agracel co-worker:

With all the controversy going on about immigration, I had to stop and think about how I REALLY felt about the whole “close the boarders” thing. My grandfather, 
Pio Dante Delucca came to America in 1907, on a boat and with his family. I remember his stories about coming to America, how amazing it was to see the Statue of Liberty and how horrible Ellis Island really was. My grandpa wasn’t a wealthy man; he worked in the coal mines of Southern Illinois until he retired; coughing up coal dust, receiving black lung benefits and social security. He was proud of the modest little home he had made with grandma. He was proud of his children and grandchildren. He worked hard to put a roof over their heads and food in their mouths. He didn’t ask me if I wanted to learn Italian so that I could talk to him. He learned ENGLISH! (Although he did teach me lots of cuss words and phrases!) He didn’t ask to be given his home, food and health care, he WORKED for it. He didn’t complain about paying taxes, as that was his DUTY as an American citizen. When my Grandfather received his citizenship papers, he also received a $2 USPS Savings Bond. He was so proud of that bond that he NEVER cashed it in. I have that bond as we speak, still not cashed in and still proud to have it. So when people use the excuse of my grandfather’s generation as a reason to NOT close the boarders, it kinda irks me. That generation didn’t come here demanding we change to suit them. They came with the full understanding that they would work hard and pay what was owed so that they could have a life that they EARNED. I have no problem with people coming into this country, becoming law abiding and tax paying citizens who want to earn their way. I have a problem with people sneaking into this country, receiving benefits they haven’t earned and adding to the drain on our economy. The American Dream is not about living on welfare, medicaid and food stamps. It is working hard and earning every little thing you have. Don’t take my dream that I am working for and hand it to someone who won’t work for it. (Suzi Steber)


A recent new Pew Research Center 
analysis of U.S. Census Bureau found the second-generation Americans are substantially better off than immigrants themselves on measures of income, college graduation rates, and homeownership. In addition, fewer live in poverty. The analysis also found that 70% of second-generation Americans place more importance than does the general public on hard work and career success.

We live in the greatest country in the world. We have freedoms like no other. Why wouldn’t people clamber to come here? But, as stated above, The American Dream…is 
working hard and earning everything you have! Pass it on…