#409. Do You Work for a Healthy Company?

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Do You Work For a Healthy Company?

We’re not talking about a financially healthy company (although that is always preferable). We’re talking about a company that puts employee wellness as a priority. Estimates suggest that every dollar invested in employee wellness returns between $3 and $6 in reduced absenteeism, improved productivity, and avoided medical costs.

In a response we received from our recent Agurban, Growing Your Own Health Care, we learned about a story put together by Initiative Quarterly Magazine (IQmag.org) that looked at three central Minnesota companies that are leading the way to a healthier future. We are sharing one of those stories below.

First, we have Doug Huseby, owner of Becker Furniture World, and a true believer in the benefits of investing in employee health.

“We feel our employees are out most important assets, but most of the time, you do more maintenance on your trucks, furnace and air conditioning,” said Huseby, who started the business with two employees in 1978 and now employs 287. “My idea was that if you take care of your employees, they’ll have more energy, work harder, and like working for you because they know you care about them.”

Huseby sketched the outlines of his own employee wellness initiative nearly 25 years ago. He installed air purifiers, filtered water, and hired a cook to create fresh fruit and vegetable juices for employees. He added on-site fitness centers, biometric testing, and chiropractic services. Huseby’s approach to employee health has kept his health insurance premiums flat, drastically cut workers’ compensation costs, and created a culture of health within the company.

An investment in employee wellness can have very positive results for a company’s bottom line. To learn more about what Becker Furniture World and other companies in central Minnesota are doing to provide a healthy workplace, visitĀ www.IQmag.org.