#406. Election Day 2012

Posted on | The Agurban
Election Day 2012
Well, it’s finally here! The election! And, we hope that you have already voted or plan to before the polls close.

In 2008, only 57.8% of those eligible to vote did so. Over $8 billion will be spent in this election cycle, incredibly about the same as what we spent on Halloween just six days ago. Is Halloween really as important?

A lot of important issues were discussed by all of the candidates, but it seemed that more time was spent on telling us what was bad about “the other guy”. I would have liked to hear more about what was important to them and to our country. What are we going to do to not leave our grandkids with an impossible debt load? Will you drive us all off the ‘fiscal cliff’? What can you do to make business formation and new jobs easier to accomplish in the USA?

In our research for BoomtownUSA we found that the really successful towns were those that had learned to tear down “the silos” that prevented various groups from working together. Washington, DC has some HUGE silos that need to start working together. We hope that for the betterment of our country, the Democrat and Republican silos figure out how to work together in 2013.