#400. Wise Towns Will Spur Young Entrepreneurs

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Wise Towns Will Spur Young Entrepreneurs

As you know, we are staunch advocates of youth entrepreneurism and the value of keeping our young people in our communities. The Daily Yonder featured the above entitled article by Craig Schroeder, and we wanted to share some keys points with our readers:

  • Rural places that tie their economic development resources to entrepreneurship-education can create help these young people pursue their dreams and, in turn, revitalize, grow and diversify their own local economies.
  • The most successful communities work in partnership with their schools; the town itself becomes a “learning laboratory” where students can practice the knowledge they are gaining in the classroom.
  • Local leaders who take an interest in young entrepreneurs can change the attitudes young people hold about the communities and their futures.
  • Building relationships with students who want to get involved in the community, supporting their efforts, and celebrating their local and entrepreneurial projects can help them develop into productive citizens and also make a hometown more attractive as a place to stay or return to.
  • Just as with entrepreneurial adults, young entrepreneurs need a place to hang out with other youth who think the way they do. Fitting in is a big deal when you’re a teenager. Young entrepreneurs know they that think differently, and that sense can cause them to retreat by themselves to experiment with their ideas. …if towns provide a place for young entrepreneurs to gather and interact, they can feed off each other’s energy and create even better ideas and inventions.
  • To be truly successful, youth entrepreneurship must become a priority within a community’s economic development strategy. Youth entrepreneurship requires a sustained effort, especially in this challenging economic climate where much of the attention is focused on immediate job creation.
The article ends with this old adage: The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today!

Has your community started?