#396. More Young Entrepreneurs

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More Young Entrepreneurs

We never know where our next Agurban may come from. Interestingly, this week it comes from theĀ Catholic Times, the official newspaper of the Catholic diocese of Springfield, Illinois. Erick Rommel wrote a great piece entitled, “From curfews and allowances to entrepreneurship.” That word “entrepreneurship” caught our eye. Mr. Rommel gave a couple of great examples of young entrepreneurs that we want to share with you.

Aden Shank attends high school in Dallas. During high school sporting events, cheerleaders occasionally throw prizes into the crowd. If you’re not in one of the first few rows or seats, chances are you’re not receiving a prize. Aden got tired of not being thrown any prizes, so he took action. He invented what he calls the Cheer Launcher. It’s a cross bow used by cheerleaders to safely propel prizes into a crowd. Professional sports teams use a similar product that costs about $2000. Aden’s version costs $99.

Next, we have Juliette Brindak, Barely after she stopped being a tween, 16-year-old Juliette started a website just for tweens. Now, five years later, that website, Miss O and Friends, was ranked the third largest girls-only website in the world by Inc. Magazine, generating more than 10 million visits every month. It’s worth around $15 million.

Emil Motycka mowed his first lawn when he was 9 years old. Now a recent high school graduate, he owns Motycka Enterprises, and employs 65 people and earns $135,000 a year. Emil’s advice to other young people: I think kids need to not be afraid of the word “entrepreneur”.

Three great new examples of young entrepreneurs! We never get tired of hearing these stories!