#384. Dakota Cabin Quilts – “These Feet are Made for Walkin’…”

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Dakota Cabin Quilts – “These Feet are Made for Walkin’…”

Over the years, we have included Dakota Cabin Quilts in a number of our early blogs and Agurbans, emphasizing how an international business can be built in small town America. It is with much sadness that we report that Dakota Cabin Quilts is closing their retail store in Hettinger, North Dakota, on June 16, 2012. BUT, the good news is they will continue their online business, which many customers will be extremely happy about.  Unfortunately, it is a major loss for Hettinger as they not only lose one of their physicians but also a major store in their downtown.

Below is the announcement that the stores owners, Dr. Laura Walker and her husband Wes Cvach, posted on May 20, 2012:
“These feet are made for walkin…” 

A special message 

From: Laura, Wesley, and Matthew 

To: loyal subscribers of our newsletter, family, and friends… 

Many of you have “walked the walk” with us, as our business has evolved from a home based quilt shop in a tiny room of our basement, to a full service quilt shop with a strong main street and online presence. Every step of the way, we have been honored by the warmth, loyalty, and generosity you have shown. 

Many times, we’ve decided to “put one foot in front of the other”, and tried to do it all. Busy days at the shop, long weekends at quilt shows, early mornings and late nights. Through it all, we have been blessed with amazing employees and loyal customers. 

Many Sunday mornings, I’ve written a newsletter that emphasizes the importance of simplicity, the need for peaceful solitude (and quilting time), and my passion for lifelong learning. Above all, I believe that Wesley and I have been gifted with an incredible child, and what he needs more than anything is more time with Mom and Dad. 

About a year ago, in a moment of clarity, I realized that we were working too much… doing too much… spreading ourselves too thin. This began a yearlong journey of change, and resulted in a new job for Laura at St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismarck, and a new direction for Dakota Cabin Quilts. 

In a few weeks, mid-June, our Main Street shop will close. Wesley and Matthew will join Laura in Bismarck, and Dakota Cabin Quilts will become an online only retailer. We welcome our loyal regional customers to visit us on the web, and to look forward to the same personal service that we’ve always offered. Do not doubt for a minute that we will miss you all. Please keep in touch… we hope to see you at the quilt shows…you’ll find us wandering the aisles as participants, rather than working long hours as vendors. 

For our online customers across the world, very little will change. You’ll notice our website as simpler, smaller, and easier to maintain. Our goal is to offer top quality quilting merchandise, at fair prices, with excellent shipping policies and attention to customer service. 

This has been an exceptionally difficult decision, one that we have not undertaken lightly. But, as I look at those 10 toes in flip flops, or bright green “toe shoes”, and imagine how soon they’ll be grown up and headed out the door to college… I know with certainty that this is the right decision for our family. 

And with that, I invite you to shop our website, or stop by at the store, and enjoy our unprecedented 20% off storewide promotion (excluding batiks and select threads). We’ll keep in touch in the weeks to come… 

~ Laura, Wesley, and Matthew 

Remember that every week, whether it is Laura or Wesley who write this newsletter, our Quilting family counts you in our blessings for allowing us to come into your home and life to share the wonderful world of quilting at Dakota Cabin Quilts! Don’t forget to share the “good news” with your friends about our wonderful sale event.

We wish everyone at Dakota Cabin Quilts continued success as their business evolves to fully online. Visit them at