#365. “Let’s Paint the Town, Twin Cities!” Premiers

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We are pleased to share with our readers this Press Release from Marvo Entertainment Group, LLC!

“Let’s Paint the Town, Twin Cities!” 

PRINCETON, KY-Dec. 1, 2011-Award-winning film production company Marvo Entertainment Group LLC is bringing another extraordinary story to life with the premiere of its latest national television project, Let’s Paint the Town, Twin Cities! The Twin Cities of Fulton, Kentucky, and South Fulton, Tennessee, were like many other small, rural towns. With years of manufacturing layoffs, factory closures, and the downsizing of a historically large railroad presence, the community suffered slow and painful decline. Once-prosperous buildings became dilapidated, crumbling ghosts of a vibrant past.

“Let’s Paint the Town, Twin Cities! is the first in a series of 30-minute documentaries chronicling the astounding success of “Let’s Paint the Town!,” a grassroots community revitalization campaign originating in Princeton, Kentucky, that is spreading  across America. Communities who join the “Let’s Paint the Town!” program use local donations of volunteer hours, paint, supplies, and funds to transform their decaying downtowns into attractive, viable business districts.In May 2010, one man who believed he could make a difference, and one woman who believed she could make sure he was successful, teamed up to orchestrate a community-wide town hall meeting. Much to their surprise, nearly 200 people came to hear about the “Let’s Paint the Town!” program. That night almost $4,000 was raised in community donations. As the program became successful, thousands more in donations followed.

“With our economy in shambles, politicians deadlocked over budget cuts and grant monies dried up, much of small-town America is literally fighting for its economic survival,” said Jeff Campbell, Project Manager for the “Let’s Paint the Town!” program in the Twin Cities. “So our community decided to not wait around and just hope. We have restored and renovated 46 buildings in our community with out a single dollar of government money. It all happened with a grassroots effort of our building owners buying the paint, supplies paid for with community-wide donations and labor provided by volunteers. Our mantra has been, our town, our pride, and our responsibility.” Campbell added, “This project is more than about painting a few buildings. It’s also about economic development. We’ve seen six new businesses open their doors since we began our “Let’s Paint the Town!” program 18 months ago.”

“The Let’s Paint the Town program has been a source of inspiration for the citizens of Fulton, Kentucky, and South Fulton, Tennessee,” said Thea Vowell, Executive Director of the Twin Cities Chamber of Commerce. “I hope the phenomenal success we have had here transforming our central business district will be a source of inspiration to small towns across America to take on this program,” said Vowell.Nationally-known economic development expert John Talmage has said, “Our local communities should be the laboratory for our national solutions.” The Twin Cities are certainly proving this to be the case as they take on economic development through  revitalization. “Let’s Paint the Town!” is the story of communities that believed in themselves and their ability to make a difference. Their inspirational efforts and continuing success are a tribute to what is best about America.

The documentary is scheduled to air on KET Public Television in February. A video sneak preview is available.

Marvo Executive Producer Samuel Koltinsky’s work is inspired by a passion for stories, history, preservation, and the environment. Over the past 19 years, he has produced numerous documentaries in Europe and the United States and has worked with PBS, the History Channel and the Documentary Channel. Koltinsky was also the originator of the “Let’s Paint the Town!” initiative. He may be contacted by phone at (270) 625-6815 or email.