#361. Challenge for the New Year

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Challenge for the New Year
For our final Agurban of 2011, we have decided to issue a challenge to all our readers for the new year. Thanks to a loyal reader who sent the following response to our Agurban from Dec. 6, 2011, Made In America – a case for U.S. manufacturing:
I had to smile as I was reading today’s Agurban.  I have dinner on a regular basis with a group of women from my high school class.  For Christmas we exchange small gifts, and each year we attach a “twist” to it.  This year we were challenged to find something that met two criteria:  (1) It had to fall within a specific price range, and (2) it had to be made in the USA.  Wow!  That turned into a major challenge.  Everything I saw in that price range was made in China.  I was beginning to think that I would have to take time to make a special piece of jewelry for it.  It would definitely be made in America, but I already had several special orders and didn’t need to add anything else to my list.  Thankfully, I discovered that Yankee Candles are made in America, but I had to wait until someone put them on sale before I could meet the price range.  How sad is that!  The shopping experience was a real eye-opener.
So, we challenge you to check the labels on the products you purchase in 2012. See where they are coming from. See if there is an American made counterpart that would meet your needs. We would love to hear your experiences. In our small way, maybe we can start a trend and keep American manufacturers thriving.
As we close out 2011, we would like to thank our many readers and invite you to continue following the Agurban into 2012. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!