#343. A New Old Idea

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A New Old Idea

In case you didn’t hear, a couple of weeks ago the United States Postal Service announced the possible closure of some 3,600 post office locations, primarily in small rural towns. But at the same time, the Postmaster said the agency is looking to contract with about 2,500 small groceries, pharmacies, and other retailers to create “village post offices.” Years ago, many post offices shared space with a general store, but have since gone to stand-alone facilities. So, the old idea is coming back.

“Many of these general stores are hanging on for dear life out there,” stated the Postmaster, “They can take the money we give them to pay the rent and pay the light bill. We think it’s a real win-win proposal.”

If you live in a very small town, you know there are a few things that seem to sustain small rural communities. A grocery store, a school, a post office. Hopefully the “village post offices” can help these small towns survive.