341. More Young Entrepreneurs!

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More Young Entrepreneurs!

Thanks to our many readers for submitting examples of young entrepreneurs. Below are three more stories.

Tyler Finchum, 18, of Muscatine, IA, developed Farm Manuals Fast as an online business that reaches customers around the globe. Tyler sells digital copies of operator manuals to farmers and agrarian workers through his website, giving those producers of the world’s food supply information they need to keep older farm equipment operating. His customers purchase manuals and download the documents.

“Sometimes the manuals are so rare, if they couldn’t get it from me, they’d probably just leave the equipment in a ditch somewhere,” states Tyler.
Thirteen year old Jacob Bernhardt has taken a different approach to summertime entrepreneurship. He has been making and selling his own trout flies at the Great Falls Farmer’s Market for the last few years. From a small kit, Jacob taught himself to make the lures. He has had to also learn everything about running his own business, from purchasing supplies to scouting out the competition to pricing his merchandise right. An avid fly fisher himself, he’s able to recommend the flies for the right conditions, and now, what started out as a simple hobby has grown into a successful summer business.

AJ’s Hawaiian Iceez is an ice-shaving enterprise started by Adam and Jonathan Holland of Prince George’s County, MD. The resourceful brothers started the business to help their parents cover the steep cost of tuition at their private school. Their parents and 12-year old sister also help with the business.

“You have to make the sacrifice in order to reap the reward,” Adam states.

The boys’ expect to gross about $50,000 this year, with a profit of $25,000.

These are great examples of young people becoming entrepreneurs. Please keep the stories coming in!