#309. U.S. Manufacturing

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U.S. Manufacturing
The top manufacturing country in the world is the USA!  And, our share of world manufacturing production is the same as it was 40 years ago!
Now, if you get all of your information from cable news, you’re probably wondering what we are doing at Agracel and the Boomtown Institute with statements like that.  But, if you want the real story on the USA manufacturing powerhouse, then you’ll want to watch this 20 minute free webinar by Jack Schultz.

In it you’ll learn:

·         That the USA set another new record for output, profits and exports (all inflation adjusted) in 2008.

·         That our percentage of world production has remained remarkably steady at from 20 to 25% of the world’s total production.

·         Why manufacturing continues to have some of the highest paying jobs and is the largest wealth creator on a local basis.

·         Why manufacturing employment has increased in 2010, but not at all educational levels.

·         What the key drivers will be for continuing growth in manufacturing plants and jobs

·         The local economic benefits from having a strong manufacturing base.

To watch this webinar, click here.