#304. You know you are in a small town when…

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You know you are in a small town when…

Thanks to my brother Bob for this week’s Agurban. What a great testament to mankind!!

Why I love living in Effingham

Effingham is great community for so many reasons.  But I want to share a story that was related to me over the weekend.

A local elderly woman passed away, and the family was distraught because several valuable diamond rings were missing from her home.  For more than a month, they searched for the rings, but to no avail.  Six months after their mother’s passing, the family donated their mom’s clothes to a local charity.  And, approximately 1 month after that, the charity called the family.  The clothing had been sold through the charity’s second hand store.  Someone purchased one of their mom’s coats.  In the lining of the coat, the purchaser discovered the many missing rings.  (They had fallen through a hole in the pocket, where the Mom had probably stored the rings for “safe keeping”.)  

And so, this individual, who could only afford to purchase a second hand coat, had the character to return the rings to the charity!  

We might not have the great vistas of Colorado.  We don’t necessarily have the “culture” of New York or other large cities.  But we are surrounded by a beauty that makes me proud to call Effingham my home.