#303. Pickford Community Library

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Pickford Community Library

With the goal of establishing a public library in their community, the Friends of the Pickford Community Library (FPCL, Pickford, MI), composed entirely of volunteers, came together in an effort to raise the necessary funds to open their very own library. Their Mission Statement was matter-of-fact:

“To establish a public library facility in Pickford Township that enhances every aspect of the community and its citizens, touching young and old alike in becoming a keystone in the foundation of our town. Our library will compliment and expand school services for children and youth by giving them a positive environment to gather and grow. It will become a focal point of the community and surrounding area through classes and universal access to information and knowledge.”

Chairwoman Melanie Greenfield, sent this note to me last week: “I wanted to thank you for your help and let you know that finally, after 2 1/2 years worth of work, the Pickford Community Library had its grand opening this past Saturday (Oct. 23, 2010).”

A lot of time and effort went into making this library a reality. I had no doubt that the committed folks behind this endeavor would achieve the success they sought. What a great testament to the entire community!!

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