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Surge in Reshoring Manufacturing Jobs

While we are not happy about the COVID-19 pandemic (who is?!), we are glad to see that a number of manufacturers are seriously looking at bringing some jobs back to the United States. We follow the Reshoring Initiative news very closely, and they recently posted a list of manufacturers considering reshoring in response to the coronavirus. Following are a few:

  • Outdoor-fireplace maker Blue Rooster Co., which imports cast-metal parts from China and then assembles them in Minnesota, is now looking at bringing nearly 90% of its production in-house. Currently two of its three main suppliers in China are offline. Moving production to the U.S. will require building an aluminum foundry at a cost of up to $500,000; it will take a few years to get fully running.
  • An Atlanta-based company that makes scarves, sweatshirts and other outerwear with built-in filtration technology has moved its manufacturing operations from China to Grand Rapids amid the coronavirus outbreak. G95 Inc. expects to start manufacturing its products next week.
  • U.S. apparel and leather manufacturers expect revenue growth in 2020 due to their ability to pivot manufacturing to PPE and the potential for new core business as US retail reopens.
  • Honeywell anticipates that the new mask production line in Phoenix will create more than 500 new jobs in Arizona. The company has already begun recruiting, hiring and training manufacturing workers on the site. Today’s announcement brings the total number of U.S. jobs created by Honeywell’s new mask manufacturing capabilities to more than 1,000.

Learn more about Reshoring Initiative here.

During these times of uncertainty, we do not want to forget that the freedom that we enjoy today would have been impossible without the hard work of our ancestors. Let us thank them for their efforts. Wishing you all a Happy Independence Day.