#250. “Who Moved My Smokestack?”

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“Who Moved My Smokestack?”
Don Holbrook, Certified Economic Developer, has published his most recent book, 
Who Moved My Smokestack? America’s Failure to Protect Our Jobs and Stop the Erosion of the American Dream. Don sets out to provide insights and hope for America’s economic downturn, by answering these questions:

  • Is globalization really the reason or is America just losing its focus?
  • What is really happening to the American economy?
  • Why is America failing to protect the people’s jobs?
  • Is there hope to stop the erosion of the American Dream?

Don paints a clear picture of how to benefit from globalization. He believes the process of developing world-class communities is a paradigm shift in their mindset and not determined by their geographic location or population, rather by the quality and vision of their local leadership. In Chapter 17, Don cites Boomtown USA – The 7 ½ Keys to Big Success in Small Towns, as he outlines the Seven Steps to Positive Community Change. Don states, “The steps to success in shaping or reshaping a local economic blueprint are influenced by key initiatives that are commonly held yet frequently ignored…”

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