#245. Sexy Small Town? No, Small Town Sexy.

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Sexy Small Town? No, Small Town Sexy.

Since we published Boomtown USA, we are constantly on the look-out for other books about the great things happening in small communities all across America. We recently had the pleasure of reading Kim Huston’s Small Town Sexy: The Allure of Living in Small Town America.

Kim presents a uniquely personal perspective to living in small town America. She is passionate about small town life. She reveals why residents love their not-so-big-city lifestyle and how small town charms are seducing newcomers. Kim speaks from experience, as a small town girl who cherishes her roots — and as a professional who is helping develop her town’s economic prosperity.

According to Kim, Small Town Sexy is:

* Realizing you are a small town addict, and not wanting an intervention.

* Knowing that despite your size, you can still conduct big business.

* Celebrating your heritage for all to see.

* Knowing that the size of your town has no merit to its success.

* About people coming back, and others discovering small towns for the first time.

* Getting involved in the decision making process.

* Enjoying the thrills of your big city neighbors.

* Embracing the unique individuals who make up community and accepting the fact that not everyone is into small town life.

 Thank you, Kim, for sharing your passion about living in a small town. We can relate!

 Small Town Sexy is an excellent book for anyone interested in preserving the small town way of life. For information on ordering it, contact the publisher at info@theclarkgroupinfo.com.