#239. Local Economic Stimulus

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Local Economic Stimulus

A couple weeks ago, we told you the story of Tracy, CA’s economic stimulus plan of giving a $500 gift card to be used at local merchants to anyone who purchased a new car from an area dealer. Prior to that we told you about Danny Cottrell, a pharmacist from Brewton, AL, who gave his employees a bonus in $2 bills so he and the rest of the county could see how the money circulated in their community. We are happy to share with you this economic stimulus story from Joseph P. Cristiano from Northern California.

“I had the opportunity to meet you personally in 2007 in Napa, California during one of your presentations sponsored by Joe Reid and Capitol Bancorp. I told you at that time how much I was impressed with the work that you do traveling throughout rural America helping small towns survive.

I also mentioned to you that I work on a pro bono basis with 30 small business entrepreneurs mainly in Northern California. This is the reason I am writing today.

After three straight months of mentoring group “negative” discussions centering on “surviving through the economic downturn” I was searching for something positive to share with the group! 

Along came my regular copy of “The Agurban” and the article on Danny Cottrell’s $2 Stimulus Plan.

At our next monthly meeting I gave each member a copy of your article and we had a group discussion around it and particularly the difference one person can make. 

One of our members, Dave Theobald, owner of Turman Commercial Painters took to heart the message and developed his own $2 plan which he named the “Peoples Stimulus Plan”. Not only did he commit $30,000 to be given to his employees in $2.00 bills….he also developed a website, 
www.peoplesstimulus.org and included Danny’s   information in it (after discussions with Danny).

I would encourage you to take a look at the site and particularly the press coverage and the participants map. Dave (one man) has taken this to levels way beyond the original concept. I have also included (below) a copy of a recent message Dave sent to his people.

I thought you would enjoy learning how Danny’s concept has gotten legs ….and …all because of the article you included in The Agurban…and …Dave Theobald, who organized, promoted and expanded it to the level it is at today.

Thanks, Jack for getting the ball rolling!


And thanks once again to Dave for picking up the ball and heading towards the goal line.

Thank you, Joe, for sharing your story with us! You made our day!!