#233. What State do You Live In?

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What State do You Live In?

The headline read “State Shutdowns Loom as Deadlines Near”. An astounding 19 states had not approved their fiscal 2010 budgets with one week to go until the start of their next fiscal year.

According to CNNMoney.com, “at least 19 states are still hammering out their spending plans as the recession wreaks havoc with their finances and sparks fights between governors and lawmakers. If spending plans aren’t approved, state workers may not receive their paychecks and some government offices may shut down.””States are struggling to close shortfalls totaling $121 billion for fiscal 2010 as the recession decimates tax revenues.”

Click here to see where your state ranks.

We in Illinois are no strangers to this debacle, as we have endured this issue for far too many years. And our federal government is in no better position than the states. Let’s hope our children and grandchildren don’t end up “working for the government” their entire lives, as budget deficits continue to soar today, placing huge burdens on future generations.