#169. Press Release – Jack Schultz speaks in Washington, D.C.

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Press Release

Jack Schultz, founder and CEO of Agracel, Inc., a company specializing in rural industrial development, was recently invited to speak at the National Lieutenant Governors Association’s Winter Meeting in Washington D.C. on March 13, 2008. The session is entitled “Making Rural Areas Competitive and Viable”. Mr. Schultz’ message of small town success stems from his extensive research that led to the publishing of his book, Boomtown USA: The 7 ½ Keys to Big Success in Small Towns. Since publishing the book, Jack has been invited to speak in over 300 communities across the U.S. in 44 states. The NLGA Winter Meeting will include nearly 100 guests, including lieutenant governors, staff and lobbyists. 

This invitation comes on the heels of a keynote address Mr. Schultz conducted for the State Agriculture and Rural Leaders (SARL) Summit held in St. Louis on January 19, 2008. Members of SARL represent the leadership of state House and Senate legislative committees that oversee agriculture and rural development. Jack’s message offered examples of community successes, and encouraged those present to continue economic development efforts in their home state. Invited guests included agriculture and rural development leaders from 48 states, 5 Canadian Provinces and 3 US territories. 

For more information about Jack Schultz, Agracel and Boomtown USA, visit 
www.agracel.com andwww.boomt owninstitute.com, or call 217.342.4443.