#169 – Inside Our Industry – MFG Day is October 6, 2023

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MFG Day is October 6, 2023

We love the idea behind Manufacturing Day! The Manufacturing Institute (the workforce development and education affiliate of the National Association of Manufacturers) states, “Each year, Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) is held on the first Friday in October in order to show students, parents, and the public what modern manufacturing is all about.  The fourth industrial revolution is rapidly changing our world. New advanced manufacturing technologies bring about whole new careers, requiring a skilled workforce interested in pursuing them. From bioengineers, to data analysts to robotics technicians, and all of the operations in between, there is a place for everyone in manufacturing!”

As manufacturers seek to fill 4 million high-skill, high-tech and high-paying jobs over the next decade, MFG Day empowers manufacturers to come together to address their collective challenges and build excitement about manufacturing careers so they can help their communities and future generations thrive.

The Manufacturing Institute provides a variety of resources and insights to help organizations plan and execute successful MFG Day events across the country, with the goals of:

  • Raising nationwide awareness of MFG Day and positively changing perceptions of students, educators, parents, influencers and community leaders;
  • Demonstrating continuity within the industry to engage actively with local students and educators, creating long-term solutions to the skills gap;
  • Spotlighting strength in numbers and the important role manufacturers play in their communities, states and the U.S.; and
  • Highlighting the many community partnerships and grassroots efforts that are successful locally but work toward a greater common goal.

Manufacturing is a vital component of the U.S. economy (and to Agracel). We look forward to continuing to share news and updates with our readers.

Visit nam.org or themanufacturinginstitute.org to learn more about MFG Day.