#154. NetWork Kansas – E-Community Program

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NetWork Kansas – E-Community Program

NetWork Kansas recently announced that it has selected six Kansas communities to participate in the new “E-Community” program designed to foster economic growth by creating a more entrepreneurial environment across the state.

The communities selected are Cowley County; Garnett (Anderson County); Great Bend (Barton County); Rawlins County; Sterling/Alden (Rice County); and Thomas County. These communities will partner with NetWork Kansas to achieve the following: 1) Establish a fund for entrepreneurs and small business owners that is administered by each E- Community; 2) Map all local, regional and state assets available to assist entrepreneurs and businesses in each E-Community; 3) Develop a long- term tracking and accountability system to measure business and economic growth; and 4) Form long- term partnerships with more than 400 NetWork Kansas partners statewide that assist entrepreneurs and small businesses in order to provide a positive impact on the Kansas economy.

“Becoming an entrepreneurial community is a process, not a project,” said NetWork Kansas Director, Steve Radley.

NetWork Kansas was established as a component of the Kansas Economic Growth Act of 2004 to further entrepreneurship and small business growth as a priority for economic and community development in the State of Kansas. The program enables entrepreneurs and small business owners to be connected with the resources they need when they need them. NetWork Kansas is designed to help educate entrepreneurs about the public sector resources available who provide business building services to entrepreneurs and small business owners throughout the state of Kansas.

Entrepreneurship is, and will continue to be, a key factor in economic development in small rural communities. Look for other states to follow Kansas’ lead.