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The following caught our eye. It is no secret that at some point in the not too distant future, many, if not most, of us will be driving electric vehicles. Following are a list of questions that are the most googled regarding EVs. Click the link at the end for more EV questions.

Are You Allowed To Take An Electric Vehicle Through A Car Wash?
Melanie Day  |  December 6, 2022  |  k1047.com

Are you able to take an electric vehicle through a car wash? Yes, you read that right. And yes that’s a real question that’s searched over 2,300 times a month. The answer is yes. And please do. No one wants a dirty car! Our friends the car leasing experts at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts compiled and answered the most often asked electric car questions in the U.S. These however are not your typical searches for things like delivery lead times, mileage, and forms of payments. These are those questions you want to know the answer to but are afraid to ask.

I have to say I don’t have much desire to jump on the electric vehicle bandwagon even with the price of gas these days. It just seems to impractical to me as someone who takes frequent road trips. I just can’t wrap my head around not being able to pull over for gas, instead having to sit and wait for a vehicle to charge. And some of these answers to the questions, yeah aren’t all that comforting to me. But you be the judge and do what works best for you! Below you will find 10 of the most commonly asked questions about electric cars, including “can you take an electric vehicle through a car wash?” But just so you know some aren’t quite that obvious when it comes to answers!

Are Electric Cars Safe? 26,970 searches a month

Yes, all-electric cars are built to meet the same strict design and manufacturing regulations as any conventional gas or diesel vehicles. They go through the same rigorous safety standards to ensure the cars are as safe as possible. Manufacturers then subject all their vehicles – including their electric offerings – to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards alongside over-safety assessments to ensure the highest level of safety on the roads. Electric vehicles have solid structures, extensive crumple zones, and multiple airbags to ensure that passengers are as well-protected during potential crashes.

Can I Charge My Mobile Phone? 19,810 searches a month

Yes, you can charge your phone inside an electric vehicle the same way you would a traditional vehicle. By simply plugging your phone into the car’s USB port. Some may be concerned that it will drain electricity from your vehicle’s battery. Luckily most electric cars have an eco-mode driver setting that increases the efficiency of your electric vehicle. This will limit the amount of power you have for electric systems mode and will limit some functions, meaning your phone might not charge as quickly. But don’t worry, you won’t be draining the vehicle’s battery anytime soon from charging your phone.

Are All Electric Cars Automatic? 15,830 searches a month

Pretty much all electric vehicles are automatic since an electric motor doesn’t need gears. This means there’s no clutch and no way of stalling, unlike a standard manual car.

Are Electric Car Charging Stations Free To Use? 10,360 searches a month

There are around 140,000 free electric car charge stations in the U.S. Most of these are located near shopping malls, grocery stores, public parking lots, hotels, and even gas stations. Some stations could have restrictions such as a set time or requiring a purchase in store, so it’s best to check. The easiest way to find your nearest free electric vehicle charging station is to download an EV charge station map, such as PlugShare.

Are You Allowed To Take An Electric Car Through A Car Wash? 2,350 searches a month

Electric vehicles are perfectly safe to take to a car wash. Just like regular gas or diesel vehicles, electric cars go through what is called a ‘soak test’. This is where vehicles are tested and subjected to near-flood water levels to check for possible leaks, which is carried out to ensure the car is safe. If they pass the soak test they will easily make it through the car wash!