#117 – Inside Our Industry – Will Flexible Workspace Continue?

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Cushman & Wakefield, a global commercial real estate services firm, released a survey that looked at the use of flexible office space. Not surprising, workers want to continue to have the option of a flexible workplace but are looking reduce their at-home time.

Will Flexible Workspace Continue?

A global survey by Cushman & Wakefield and WeWork found growing demand for flexible office space. The data and perspectives provided by the survey suggest that flexible office options can be a valuable component of a diverse office workplace ecosystem, providing employees the workplace flexibility they now demand.

Among the 800 WeWork users surveyed, 40% of their time is spent in flexible office space, 55% at home and approximately 5% elsewhere. Looking ahead, respondents said they want to be in flexible office space 50% of the time and reduce their work from home time to about 45% – a 19% reduction.

“If employers and employees learned anything during the global pandemic, it’s that work can be effectively performed in spaces beyond the traditional office, and employees often seek more choice in their work environments after going through this experience,” said Despina Katsikakis, global lead of total workplace at Cushman & Wakefield.