#111 – Inside Our Industry – EV Industry Driving Massive U.S. Site Selection Projects

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Last week we shared information about electric vehicle battery factories and their planned capacity output. This week we have a list of many of the same projects, but with the expected capital investment and jobs created.

EV Industry Driving Massive U.S. Site Selection Projects
by King White, siteselectiongroup.com, Jul 25, 2022

The automotive industry is going through a major transformation as it transitions into electric vehicle production. When combined with global supply chain reconfiguration, automotive manufacturers are driving massive site selection projects across the U.S. currently estimated to create $60 billion in capital investment and 70,000 jobs.

You should expect to see additional investment and job creation made by their suppliers as well. The projects to date include both vehicle and battery production. These projects are an economic developer’s dream and will transform the communities in which they locate.

The largest projects announced so far

Site Selection Group identified the largest EV-related projects announced over the last couple of years. These include both battery and vehicle production operations. The following list identifies these projects.