Our History

Established in 1986 by John M. “Jack” Schultz, Agracel, Inc. humbly began as a farmland investment company. When looking to name the firm, two words kept surfacing: Agriculture and Excel. Thus our name was born (Agriculture + Excel = Agracel). As the years passed Agracel’s core focus turned from farm ground to industrial development in rural America.

“The story of Agracel is not about the buildings we have constructed, or the portfolio of buildings we have built, but rather the team, Team Agracel, that has accomplished all of this. It is quite a team; I would put them up against anyone in our industry. They work well together, care for each other, and produce some incredible results year in and year out.”

Jack Schultz, Founder & Chairman of the Board

Though our days of farmland investments are over, we have chosen to retain the Agracel name. We believe firmly in the principles set forth by our agricultural heritage. The name Agracel ties us to the land and the good things that farmers stand for. Excellence not only in agriculture, but in everything they do.

These principals have allowed Agracel to grow by leaps and bounds over the past 38 years. Today, Team Agracel has developed over 25 million square feet of industrial space in 22 states.